Military, aerospace, and government (MAG) entities are known for their cutting-edge technology and need for dependable products due to their challenging working circumstances. Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the core part of many electronics and products, so they need to be held to the highest standard.

These printed circuit boards are subjected to severe environments, chemicals, pollutants, and other circumstances as opposed to conventional PCBs. That is why these PCBs are required to comply with IPC-A-610E Class 3 requirements for electronic devices of high performance. 

Class 3 requires that electrical goods sustain continuous functioning without downtime in severe conditions. Military and aerospace PCBs thus demand unique manufacturing, engineering, and assembly considerations. 

SVTronics specializes in PCB manufacturing and assembly for these industries. They have a whole business unit focusing on these sectors called the Military, Aerospace, and Government Unit (SVTronics MAG Group).

Read more about how these industries get special care through printed circuit board manufacturing and how SVTronics helps.


Why Is MAG PCB Manufacturing Different Than Other Industries?

Any PCB mount is pre-set in a pattern. For aerospace and PCB assemblies, this is no different. However, some specific design considerations must be taken to comply with IPC requirements.

    • All utilized components must be of the grade Mil-spec. The stringent tolerance of these printed circuit board components ranges from 1–2%. The typical 5–10% tolerance of commercial-grade PCBs is not advised.
    • PCBs intended for military, aerospace, and government use should be built to withstand the highest current load possible. These devices endure rugged conditions, so they must be durable and designed for extreme weather, dust, and vibrations.
    • Reliability is of utmost importance, as these circuit boards are responsible for intense tasks; the PCB’s durability can be the difference between life and death.
    • Heat-resistant materials must be of excellent quality since they will help them resist high temperatures. These materials may include Pyralux AP, FR408, and others.
    • A wide clearance area is required for mounting high-heat components. Therefore, the application process should be made with care and to maximize their clearance area. Leaving additional enclosing space prevents surrounding elements from becoming heated and protects the PCB.

For the PCB to operate under harsh environmental conditions, the manufacturer must choose the finishing material accordingly. Some of the most often-used finishing materials are:

    • HALL
    • HASL (lead-free)
    • Nickel and gold (electrolytic)
    • Nickel (electroless) with immersion gold coating
    • Bondable gold electrolytic wire
    • Immersion silver
    • For conformal PCB coating, acrylic-based sprays are the best for absolute protection

Manufacturing electronic devices for military, aerospace, and government applications can require high confidentiality, so working with the proper professional manufacturer is necessary.

military equipment

How Are PCBs Used in Military, Aerospace, and Government Sectors?

Military-grade printed circuit boards are used for an assortment of MAG applications, from seemingly minor sensor lights to more significant examples like jet instrumentation.

Here are some examples of military applications using PCBs:

    • Power supply for the “Eye in the Sky” (Airborne Warning and Control System, AWACS)
    • LED lighting system
    • Control tower system
    • Underwater navigation system
    • Communication and defense navigation system
    • Robotic system
    • Artillery and mortars
    • Uncrewed vehicles
    • Satellite subsystems using embedded processors
    • Base camp security

PCB applications in the aerospace industry:

    • Systems for electronic flight instruments
    • Central air data computers (CADC)
    • Full-authority digital engine control systems (FADEC)
    • Satellite equipment
    • Systems for passive detection
    • Microwave processing systems and digitalized signals


Working With a Military, Aerospace, and Government Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

When MAG companies are looking to implement a new product or switch manufacturers, working with a PCB manufacturer with thorough experience in these sectors is the best idea. They will have the industry insights and expertise to streamline processes, get things done right the first time, and give insight on any new products.

With over 35 years of industry-leading expertise in strategic, complex, and highly diversified requirements, SVTronics MAG Group specializes in electronic design, mechanical, electrical, sustaining, prototyping, and certification/testing services, as well as electronics contract manufacturing.

SVTronics can assist you and your company with the management and execution of certification and testing for electronic products in a variety of environments — for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Industry Canada (IC), Conformité Européenne (CE), UL standards, and hazardous environments.

As members of our customers’ teams, we can help them take their concepts to final products. We continuously innovate and lead the way with cutting-edge solutions that can withstand anything — from extreme heat and cold to dust, drops, and vehicle vibration.

Get in touch with SVTronics today for specialized printed circuit boards that perfectly suit your MAG needs.