If you embark on a complex journey of developing a new electronic device, you know that, like any other project, it comes with a myriad of essential steps and phases.

The early stages of product development are critical yet often neglected. It’s not enough to just make something fresh — it has to sell as well. That’s why market research is the first step.

In order to remain relevant in this quickly evolving digital ecosystem, tech and electronics companies must boost their game when it comes to marketing their devices. 

Nowadays, every brand must have an exceptional digital marketing strategy in order to increase their market reach and produce more leads.

So as you move into the design and manufacturing stages, you may wonder: what is the best approach to marketing your new product?

While standing out from the crowd can be difficult, here are some tips to step up your game and sell your device.


Have an E-Commerce Site

Whether you intend to market your product directly to customers (DTC) or your target customers are other companies (B2B), you need to make it easy for them to buy your electronic device.

Both customers and companies have benefited from the flexibility and convenience provided by an e-commerce site.

As long as people buy online, it will be a profitable marketing approach for your company, as it gives people the chance to check out your company and the product you’re offering. E-commerce sites are expected to expand significantly over the next five years, according to current predictions.

Your electronics company must keep pace with this change. There are ways to enhance your online visibility and even make money from your e-commerce website, regardless of what you’re offering.


Find and Build Your Niche

You’ve probably already discussed this in the planning stages, but now that your product is out on the market, it’s time to find your target audience for successful marketing and sales.

Small companies, in particular, benefit from focusing on smaller, niche markets. In contrast to other company giants, small and specialized companies do not have the luxury of addressing the general public with low prices.

And nor should they — every product has its audience. Many customers would rather pay top dollar for a device from a niche manufacturer, as it often comes with superb product quality.

You should know your buyer personas inside and out to implement and execute effective marketing.


Get Products Reviewed

Once you have your e-commerce site all set up and launched, you can start encouraging your clients to leave reviews. 

Word-of-mouth marketing has always been the most effective way of spreading the word (pun intended) about your business. Obviously, in today’s digitalized world, that represents mostly online reviews. Studies show that 91% of consumers regularly check reviews before purchasing, and 84% of them trust those reviews as much as they would trust their friend’s recommendation.

Having your products reviewed can improve your online presence and make you more visible and transparent to your customers.

Given that online customers’ comments can be a steady pipeline for positive content, it can also improve and optimize your website. Using sites like Trustpilot may increase your search ranking, driving more traffic to your site.

Another benefit is that your clients will feel more engaged because of it. You can serve your consumers better if they give you feedback.

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Have a Well-Rounded Marketing Plan

Managers and even C-suite executives may be overwhelmed with digital electronics marketing. Identify your target audience as early as possible and use that information to help build your company’s narrative. Once you’ve done your homework, you’ll find a few crucial strategies that are simple to miss, yet can drastically alter the course of your company’s future.

If you don’t have the resources to do this in-house, hire a specialized marketing agency to help you out.

Social Media Marketing

We live in a world where if you aren’t engaged on social media platforms, it can seem like you don’t even exist. Social networking is no longer a choice; it’s a must.

You’re already behind if your company doesn’t have a consistent and robust social media presence.

Content is easily shared, so it’s a great place for brands to share their stories and create meaningful relationships with their customers.

However, managing a social media presence is not a simple job you do on your 20-minute break while sipping coffee. To have an excellent social media strategy, you need a staff with a lot of expertise who can spend the time necessary to represent your brand’s voice well.

Content Creation Marketing

If you want your brand to be recognized as an industry thought-leader, quality content production is essential.

You can share your expertise with others to establish your reputation and create more buzz.

More visitors means more sales leads, so make sure your content is engaging and consistent to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and drive traffic to your site.

Another way to keep up with the competition and present yourself with credibility is by investing in industry-specific white papers and data analysis. 

Email Marketing 

While flashier methods may get more attention, email is still a vital component of any effective electronics marketing plan. Email marketing, when done correctly, offers a tremendous return on investment since many consumers prefer to be engaged by businesses through email.


Working With an Accredited Electronics Manufacturer

The journey from a powerful idea to making that idea a reality is very time-consuming and can quickly become overwhelming.

Other than creating high-quality devices that the market calls for and then executing perfectly planned marketing campaigns and sales strategies, your goal should also be to reduce the amount of time spent on the entire development journey.

Seek professionals who can help you along the way, such as skilled designers, experienced marketers, and electronic manufacturing service (EMS) providers.

For your next product, make sure you partner up with a professional EMS provider. When you have specialized professionals producing your device, you’ll drastically reduce your time to bring your idea to market.

If it piques your interest, you can read here about how an EMS provider can help you with your PCB manufacturing needs.