Like many other industries, the electronics and PCB industry hit massive setbacks during the pandemic. Since the pandemic, there hasn’t been much in the name of progress for this industry but, finally, there are some indications that it’s finally happening. 

Although the electronics and tech industry is not completely out of the woods regarding chip shortages, change will hopefully come in 2022. For quite some time, there has been a shortage in chip production that has affected product manufacturing in so many sectors including automobile, gaming, and even television manufacturing. 

Projections show that the shortage will continue until much later into the year, and industries affected may not fully recover until 2023. It’s difficult to predict which of the companies in these industries will be the first to bounce back from the effects of the chip shortage since there are various kinds of chips needed for many sectors. 

However, big corporations like Intel and Samsung have announced their plans to build chip plants in the US soon. Should this progress remain steady and without any hitches, these are the top electronics and tech trends to look out for in 2022.


Connected and Comfy Homes

Smart home tech or the Internet of Things (IoT) has become popular over the past decade. It’s gained popularity over time because of the comfort and quality of life it offers — not just in the home, but in the workplace, too. IoT devices are controlled easily by smartphones or mini controllers, allowing you to operate your internet-connected devices remotely, wherever you are. 

In 2022, there are plans to ensure smart homes become even smarter and more comfortable for those already leveraging the tech. IoT will be able to connect everything in your home with a new smart-home standard known as Matter.

Matter is being developed by big tech giants like Apple, Samsung, Google, and Amazon who have teamed up to ensure that all home gadgets you buy in the future — lights, thermostats, smart assistants, appliances, and more — can all interact with one another. 

Matter promises to eliminate the manufacturer barrier that most IoT devices currently have. This means that it doesn’t matter who created the device or which virtual assistant works on which. They can all be connected. 


The Boom of Metaverse

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and other popular apps, was the first to kick off the buzz about the digital universe known as Metaverse. Metaverse is a proposed fully realized digital world, existing outside of the one we currently live in, where people can meet up to hang out, carry out meetings, and much more. It’s a meeting point of two ideas that have been in existence for some years now: virtual reality and a second digital life. 

Although Meta was first to get the ball rolling with plans of bringing the Metaverse to life, more big tech companies are starting to propose their own visions. CEO of VRdirect Rolf Illenberger sees 2022 as a “race into the metaverse,” with many companies working to get a share of the new and emerging market. 

Companies like Meta have preparations in top gear for the launch of their own metaverses, developing high-tech headsets that people can wear and allowing their avatars to interact with others no matter where they are in the world. Google, Microsoft, Apple, may design their own headsets and operating systems to compete. 

Car giant Hyundai has plans to let visitors make their own avatars that can test-drive new concept cars in cyberspace. Samsung, too, has plans for the Metaverse with its VR home-decorating platform.

Electronic Vehicles Becoming More Mainstream

Electric vehicles (EVs) like the popular Tesla have been around for as long as we can remember, but have only been available to a few select people who could afford the luxury. 

In 2022, EVs will no longer just be cutting edge, but mainstream. Electric vehicles will be available at more affordable prices. If you live close to infrastructure that supports EV charging, you may want to check out the prices. 

Many car giants, from Ford to Mercedes and from Volkswagen to General Motors, will make electric vehicles available to more people. The EV market leader Tesla will also continue to expand its reach while newbies on the scene, Lucid and Rivian, will join the league.

Electric vehicles will not only be more affordable but there will also be a variety of choices outside of the regular sedan-like design. Ford is set to release its electric truck, while Volkswagen will provide a family-size EV. Tesla’s Cybertruck may also likely hit the market in 2022. 

As long as the chip shortage discussed earlier takes a turn for the better, there’s no delaying these big moves for the EV world.   


Tech and Manufacturing Companies Going Eco-Friendly

Sustainability will be embraced in the tech world, just like it has been in other industries. So, what will sustainable tech look like in 2022?

Technology companies have plans to increase their efforts to become more environmentally friendly. This means less packaging for products, more recycled materials for electronic devices such as manufactured PCB, and easier repairs for devices.

Some products that have been developed in line with this move include a hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered flying car concept by a company known as Maca. Another firm, Auum, designed a tabletop washer that will clean and dry a glass in 10 seconds and cut down on single-use plastic wastage. 

There have also been major climate investments around the world, from US to Europe, with Europe being the fastest region investing in climate-investing worldwide. In 2021, climate-tech startups raised up to $16 billion in diverse climate sectors such as carbon, food and water, energy, industrial, and mobility — this figure is set to climb higher in 2022.


The Future of Electronics 

The future looks bright and promising for tech and electronics in 2022, especially if things continue to go as planned without any sudden setbacks. In 2022, a new IoT standard, Matter, will make home devices better connected and more comfortable. Plans are also in place to bring the concept of the Metaverse to fruition. 

More people will now be able to afford EVs with a variety of designs to choose from. Finally, tech and manufacturing companies will embrace and increase efforts to provide sustainable products to protect the environment. 

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