With competition at every corner, companies need to find an edge to consistently improve the bottom line. For any company that requires a printed circuit board, one effective way to get ahead of the competition is to partner with an electronic manufacturing service (EMS) to expertly handle your PCB assembly. 

When you hire an EMS, they help guide you through the manufacturing process so you can deliver high-quality products to your customers. Working with an EMS also delivers several other benefits that will give you a competitive advantage. 


What is an EMS?

An electronic manufacturing service is a company that provides help at all stages of manufacturing electronic parts. They design, test, and build parts. They also provide aftermarket support with delivery and assembly. 

Using their expertise:

An EMS will guide you through the manufacturing process. Their expertise includes different types of assembly processes such as printed circuit boards, cable, and electromechanical. 

They also work on designing, testing, and prototyping your outsourced product to ensure quality and functionality. An EMS can be helpful with aftermarket services like logistics, warehousing, and drop-shipping so you can take that off your plate. 


Why Hire an EMS Partner for PCB Assembly?

Taking a PCB from design to assembly is a challenging task, especially for one company to tackle by themselves. Partnering with an EMS brings electrical, mechanical, and software experts to the table to simplify the entire process. 

Even if your company is already staffed with quality engineers from several disciplines, an EMS adds more. They are singularly focused on electronics manufacturing so can provide the expertise and commitment you need while your company handles other business-related tasks. 

When you outsource to an electronics manufacturing service for PCB assembly, your company benefits from their extensive and relevant industry experience. 


printed circuit board

Industry Expertise

An EMS has significant industry experience to meet the performance standards required for printed circuit boards in today’s market. They also have a solid grip on regulatory and critical safety requirements, which means you can focus on other critical areas of the project. 

If your PCB project requires the integration of specialized instrumentation or software, your team could make mistakes that could cause costly delays. But, when you partner with a qualified EMS, their experience with specialized equipment, reduces the possibility of human error. 

Most electronics manufacturing services have significant experience with software, simulation tools, and measurement equipment that are specific to your industry. Their experience speeds up the projects, so turnkey timelines can be met with ease. 

Any complex assemblies can be better managed by a partnership with an EMS. Their test experience is practically priceless (although it isn’t free). 

With this partnership, your PCB will be made with the highest quality and within your specific budget and timeline. As a manufacturer, partnering with an EMS will make your customers pleased with their final product and lead them to share their positive experiences with other potential customers. 


Decreased Production Costs

An EMS and PCB assembly partnership does more than just bring high-tech initials together. It creates a cost-saving partnership from design and production to assembly logistics. 

There are several steps from the beginning to the end of any PCB project, and with the right partnership, costs can decrease. When costs decrease, you have money to put into personnel, machinery, training, benefits, and facilities. 

When you work with an EMS, you get to cash in on their volume purchasing discounts, lower labor rates, and low shipping costs. These financial benefits add up quickly, and you will have money to invest in your business. 

You could use the extra money to recruit and retain talent or you could invest the money in product development to help expand your customer base. Your marketing costs also decrease because your happy customers become your best free advertisements. 


Turnkey Services

As more customers request speedy turnkey services, EMS partnerships become even more valuable. When you partner with an EMS for your PCB assembly, the entire project becomes more streamlined, as it moves through the steps from design to shipping. 

hire emsSometimes:

A new project might reach beyond your areas of expertise; this is when an EMS partnership becomes the most valuable. 

Rather than turning away a new customer request or the development of a new product, you and your EMS can work together to meet your customer’s specific needs. The partnership not only can design and produce the high-tech project, but they can do it within a quick turnkey timeline. 


Building Capacity

Partnerships can help businesses grow in an affordable but scalable way. When businesses grow, they need to upgrade their spaces which can be costly. When you partner with an EMS for your PCB assembly, you can have business growth without the need to invest in more space, equipment, or employees. 

The EMS partnership brings what your business needs so your projects can remain cost-effective for you and the final product cost for the customer can remain competitive. You do not have to struggle to find extra factory space or temporary employees to fill immediate needs. 


Outsourcing Opens Opportunities

When you work with an electronics manufacturing service, you have the time to work on building your business. Many PCB manufacturers spend the majority of their time working on projects rather than marketing to gain new customers. 

When the EMS works on the high-tech design, assembly, and shipping procedures, you can focus on marketing, selling, and growing your business. 

Along with saving money with the partnership, you also save time. You can focus on the business of doing business, as you have a group of experts who will deliver and keep your clients satisfied. 


The Decision is Clear

Partnering with an EMS can help your PCB assembly process move smoothly. The partnership brings a competitive advantage to your business, and it can help improve your bottom line. 

Working with an EMS opens up the opportunity for cost-effective production from start to finish, and beyond into shipping and logistics. If you have been considering the idea of partnering with the technical experts at an electronics manufacturing services company, it might be time for you to say yes and get the process started.